Strictlyflair Nepal Courses

International Bartender and Basic Flair

Course Duration and Time:

This course will run for one month and we have three classes taught everyday. You can select an appropriate class hours based on your availability.

  • 9am – 1pm
  • 1pm – 5pm
  • 5pm – 8pm
Course Curriculum:
  • Drink Mixing Techniques
  • Working and Exhibition Flair
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Barista Course

Course Duration and Time:

Barista flair course is designed in such a way which will be different as compared to any other barista courses available out there, which involves flipping all the equipments, accessories, condiments. This course will run with three different time slots per day for one month.

  • 7am – 8am
  • 11am – 12pm
  • 6pm – 7pm
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Advance Flair Course

This course will run for one month and you can use the facility every day. You will be taught new moves every morning so that you will have time to practice the moves rest of the day upon our instructors observation to help you nail the moves.

This course will teach you advance flair moves to prepare for your routine in order to put on a show on stage or compete for competitions. In this course you will be taught multiple objects sequence such as 1 bottle 1 tin, 2 bottles, 3 bottles and 2 tin 1 bottle. If you have already accomplished multiple object flair sequences and want to develop your routine or polish it, our instructor will guide you one on one based on what you have learnt so far and what needs to be added to develop your routine.

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This course is a 4 day course. So please contact our representative to book your seat for the next course.

Course Curriculum:
  • Mixology Knowledge
  • Cocktail Families
  • Citrus Prep
  • Bitters use
  • Infusions
  • 20 Classic Cocktails (Prohibition Type)
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WFA Level Grading Training

This Course is for bartenders who would like to get their WFA level grading. Strictlyflair school is the number one WFA grading Center in Asia and we grade till Green Level. This Course will run for 7 days and our instructor will prepare you for the WFA Level Test whether it is Yellow, Orange or Green.

Course Curriculum:
  • Pour Test
  • Speed Round
  • Flair Round
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