About Us

Strictlyflair is a company which was established by few individuals in 2007 in San Francisco to promote flair bartending to the world by organizing flair competitions, events and shows. Strictlyflair also participated in organizing and staffing any events such as weddings, birthdays or any events to spice up the party. Strictlyflair believes in entertainment and accordingly provides the entertainment needed in any party.

Strictlyflair in 2010 moved its brand to Las Vegas and thrive for 5 years making its team strong with world best flair bartenders to provide entertainment. Now Strictlyflair is open for business in New York by providing Flair Courses, staffing events and Bar Training. As well as our Strictlyflair Bartending School is now open in Nepal with WFA grading Center till green level and has already gained the respect from the community. Strictlyflair is on its process of opening Flair Bartending and Mixology Schools to your nearest city to provide exclusive training and services.

Our amazing team

Our Strictlyflair Team are highly motivated and passionate individuals who have spent years in the hospitality industry. Let us serve you to improvise the service and entertainment. We are all about elegancy and perfection to improve the events, courses and services we provide.

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Kushal Poudel


In the hospitality industry for more than 14 yrs. in restaurants, lounges, casinos and nightclub in the United States. Have appeared on TV channels and magazines. Worked in San Francisco and Las Vegas and now in New York. So let me show you how to entertain your clients. Experience in speed, flair and mixology. Have organized many events and put on many shows since 2004. Experienced in marketing and management. Have participated in flair and mixology competitions with good results.

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Ram Gautam

Managing Director

Have been in the hospitality industry for more than 10 years. Worked in foreign countries for some years and came back to Nepal to train every interested individuals about the service standards in the hotel industry. I am a flair/mixology bartender and have competed multiple bartending competitions and will be competing more in the future. I am an examiner for World Flair Association and I am allowed to test you till WFA Green Level – so come in take the test. I love teaching because I want every students to get the best training so that they can use them wisely in the real field.

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Kumar Panday


I have been bartending for several years in foreign countries as well as been practicing flair bartending for 7 years. I love the service industry and I want to contribute as much knowledge I have to others in order to improvise service standards and Flair level. Looking at the market in Nepal I need to provide much knowledge about cocktails, wine, beer and spirits. I love teaching others because I feel happy when I share my talent.